Simplify Light Basic - Going back to basics!

Happy new year guys! I really hope you had a great 2019 and that you're ready for an awesome 2020.

So to start the year fresh, I have something nice and fresh for you: a new theme and a new wallpaper for you to enjoy!

The theme is called Simplify 10 Light Basic which shares the same design language as my other Simplify Light Themes with a touch of even more minimalistic feel. You can get it either using the Download Now button above or by getting my Simplify 10 Light Theme Pack. If you already have the Light Pack, just redownload and enjoy! Also if you're a store subscriber, feel free to login to your account and download away :)

And speaking about the basics, I also have a sweet new wallpaper for you to enjoy today which is my take on the default Windows 10 wallpaper where I've tried giving it a fresh new minimalist but colorful look. You can either download the wallpaper using the link below or you can find it in my Simplify 10 Light Basic pack.

The year just began so stay tuned for some awesome upcoming stuff!

Have a great 2020,