Simplify 10 XP Windows Themes in action!


Hey guys, in case you missed my latest Simplify 10 XP release, here are a few screenshots with the whole suite in action.

Simplify 10 XP Light

Simplify 10 XP Dark

Here are the items used in the screenshots:

Simplify 10 XP - Windows Theme

Blissed - 5K Wallpaper Pack

Simplify XP - PotPlayer Skin

Simplify XP - Firefox Theme

Simplify XP - Curtains Styles

So please click the "GET IT NOW" button while it's hot, or if you're a FULL STORE ACCESS subscriber, please feel free to login to your account and download away, free of charge of course!

Enjoy and as always, thank you for your support!

Stay safe,

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