Simplify 10 Mixed - My Last Windows 10 Themes Pack


Hi guy, how’s it going? Hope everyone is well and safe as the pandemic has already entered the third wave.

As many of you may have already know, Microsoft has announced their upcoming Windows 11 and a lot of users have been using the Beta version for a while now moving away from Windows 10 which also reflects the huge drop in my recent sales.

So, as a last effort for all my Windows 10 fans, I’ve compiled this theme pack called Simplify 10 Mixed. Included in this Pack you’ll find…

Simplify 10 Vanilla

Simplify 10 Sunset

Simplify 10 XP

Simplify 10 Mint

So please click the "GET IT NOW" button while it's hot, or if you're a FULL STORE ACCESS subscriber, please feel free to login to your account and download away, free of charge of course!

Enjoy and as always, thank you for all your support!

Stay safe,

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