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Hey guys,

I really have no words to describe 2020 but after going through two weeks of COVID myself recently, I can tell you that this hasn't been my best year at all. As the days passed, I kept expecting things to go from bad to worse but luckily I only ended up with a mild case of this damn infection. My mom had it the worse but we both survived and we are pretty OK now. But the fun ain't over yet. As I might still be infectious, I won't be able to be with my love in the next few days so we'll just have to Skype it during Christmas. Thank God for cheap internet and computers, right?

And even though apparently I'm only left with a soft cough after all this, the psychological trauma is still with me and I won't forget this experience anytime soon. I really hope you guys don't have to go through this crap as well, so please, please, stay safe and try not to go out unless you have to.

But since the Holidays are here I thought you might enjoy a nice 50% OFF of all my Windows Themes or send it to someone you care about.

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Last but not least, I want to THANK YOU guys for supporting me all this time and I really hope the next year will bring us back some of the normal things we had before, now that the vaccine will start rolling out.

Happy and Safe Winter Holidays with your loved ones,